The days where a first or second class honours guaranteed your success come graduation are long gone. Employers aren’t just seeking evidence of intelligence, but more so of vital skills and experience which can often not be produced anywhere other than an industrial placement.

“More than a third of jobs for new graduates are taken by people who have already had work experience with that employer” – BBC

The majority of industrial placements are paid, giving interns the chance to earn a small salary whilst learning invaluable skills within the company. Salaries typically range from £14,000-£16,000 depending on the company.

Sometimes within large companies, employers may decide to offer a student a job after they have finished their final year. Some companies have even been known to pay their tuition fees for final year for them, as well as pay for further university education if they decide to come back to the company.

Most importantly, placement opportunities are a chance to allow students to witness the life of the engineering industry and to apply taught subject knowledge at university to the real world. Our advice for students is to have fun, and enjoy a paid, worthwhile few months away from university studies.